Hacks for Saving Money - Hacks That Work

Hacks for Saving Money

I like hacks for saving money because I need all the help I can get most of my life! I have been very bad at saving up and I have felt like my money was only visiting me on the way from my employer to the landlord and the utility companies. 

 You’ve worked hard for your money! You deserve some security! Unfortunately no matter how much we make we can always find it easier to outspend ourselves.   If we don’t get smart about saving money there is no way making more income will outrun our stupidity.

Get comfortable at home

One of the most important things you can do is get in a comfortable home environment. This needs to be a space where you’re not relying on money to provide that excitement in life. That little spark that you get when you buy something can be replaced by relaxing at home. Arrange your house or apartment in a relaxing way so that you do not want to go out so much will help you save money.

Even though nowadays it is possible to spend money without leaving the house you’re less likely to do impulse buying. You spend when you’re sitting in your own home online versus going out to the mall.

 Consider the difference between watching Netflix and buying some snacks from the store versus going to the movies.  While it’s nice to go see a new film every now and then you wouldn’t want to do it every weekend. Obviously Netflix is much cheaper.

Make a budget

To effectively save money you’re going to need a budget. A lot of these hacks will talk about budgeting tricks that you can do to help you along with that.  I know it sounds boring and like you are telling yourself no but if you don’t who will. If you say yes to every purchase then it’s going to be very difficult to someday retire. It will be next to impossible to get that really big thing that you would like to get like a car or a nice vacation 

Cutting out what’s not needed

You might have to make some hard choices on your budget. You might need to decide If there’s any monthly expense that you can do without.  Are you still fooling yourself that you might eventually use that gym membership that you paid for in January even though it’s now the middle of May?  If you’re paying for something you’re not really using that it’s time to get rid of it

What fun stuff can you do without

Of course, the fun and entertainment section is the hardest to cut. This is because it’s where you relieve your stress that you’ve built up making the money in the first place.  But if you can find a place to cut back it will benefit you in the long run. There is nothing more stressful than being absolutely broke and needing money.

If you’re subscribed to Netflix Hulu Amazon and have a cable bill as well,  you might have to decide to give up one of those. If you go out to eat several times a week it may be that you have to eat at home more often.  There are a lot of hacks on this website about saving money and about how to eat cheaply. These can help you with this transition. These will help you still have a lot of fun and entertainment even if you’re not spending money. 

Downgrading the necessities

One of the most effective places that you can cut from is the necessities of life. This is because you’re going to have to spend money on needed things every month week or day anyhow.

  Examples of necessities would be:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Utilities

If you can figure out how to downscale any of these categories then you’ll be saving money on a daily basis and it can make a huge difference. 

For example, if you get the opportunity to move to a smaller apartment without cramping your comfort style it may be worth it. Even a savings of a few hundred every month would make a huge difference in how much you’re able to save.

For saving money on food see our collection of Food Hacks to Save Money

Motivation to save money

It is definitely difficult to resist spending money on something! Especially when you have a little cash burning a hole in your pocket. Sometimes have that feeling where you want to be able to spend every last cent of it.  Often times if you wait just a bit that excitement or emotion can be set aside. It will fade if it doesn’t then you can always go back and purchase that later. Even if it doesn’t always work, trying to set it aside is worth a try.

 Once you are able to resist, it will feel good to do that as well. Remember the idea is that you’re sending money to yourself in the future. 

Picture your future self is broke and in trouble. Imagine they are asking for your help. This will help you to remember you are doing this for yourself. Don’t you deserve to have savings?

Apps to save money

One of the apps I had some success with was an app called Digit. The app takes a little bit of money out of your account at random intervals. It was never much, maybe a few cents to a dollar or two. These savings really helped me out though when I had an emergency and I found that I had $500 saved up.

Below is the collection of Hacks To Save money blog posts. Some are general and some may pertain more to your specific needs and lifestyle. I hope you find them helpful.

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