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Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Travel hacks can make any destination easier to get to and enjoy once you arrive.

Getting away from it all gives you the opportunity to stop smell the roses and reboot your thinking. because you don’t have the pressures of everyday life you get the needed time to let your mind wander and relax and enjoy. People have been exchanging travel tips since ancient times. The concept of the seven wonders of the world was originally set up for ancient Greek tourists.

Nothing inspires the imagination so much as far away lands with people with their curious and fascinating ways. To wherever you sail beyond the sunset, you carry with you the knowledge of your Homeland and bring back the knowledge of undiscovered countries.

Travel as a Hack

Travel in itself is a type of hack. While we are enjoying ourselves we can easily pick up invaluable lessons. The skills and experience that you can gain from worldwide travel can help you in your personal life for many decades to come. Travel can teach problem-solving, communication with others(not always verbal) and help you accept other points of view, especially when you’re the outsider!

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

 Ibn Battuta

Travel is full of Adventure learning not only about the place that you’re visiting but also yourself and new cultures and people. It can also at times contain uncertainty and possibly danger. Plan well before you go. Get advise from others but always take with a grain of salt what other travelers may relate to you.

A word of warning

Travel can be contagious. Once you see the world differently there is no turning back.

Beyond the East the sunrise, beyond the West the sea,
And East and West the wanderlust that will not let me be;

Gerald Gould

Below are some posts of the best travel hacks that I could find. Some from my own experience or those of friends. Others have be curated from around the web. Hopefully, these will make your travels easier and more enjoyable.

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