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My name is William. I’m a father, husband, blogger, programmer, and traveler.

I spent my childhood growing up on a farm in Tennessee. My grandparents ran a combination of a book and hobby shop. It is where I first got my taste for knowledge. My grandmother always talked about her years during the depression. She lived her life very frugally, and some of the ideas on this site, especially the one about saving money have come from her.

I spent my early adulthood traveling around the United States working Renaissance festivals. Starting out working carnival-type games for other people, I eventually ran my own shop. I had that life for about 14 years, and while it was great, but discovering there was more than one life to be led, I could spend no more time on it.

Nowadays I live in Thailand. I live in a very rural area with rice fields and water buffalo. Sometimes I go as much as 6 months without seeing another westerner.

At times I work for companies back in the states or run my own sites online to make ends meet.

I hope that you find the information on the site helpful.

William Clarkson