4 Quick Organizing Hacks to Keep Your Family Less Stressed

4 Quick Organizing Hacks to Keep Your Family Less Stressed

Raising a family is tough. Keeping everyone on schedule is a lot like herding cats. These family organizing hacks below are a good place to start in getting your loved one organized. This will provide structure for the children and less stress for the adults.

Have a home for everything

Ensure everything including keys have a consistent place where you store them. To make this easy buy jars, trays and basket to create tidy places to put away small things. Bins and baskets are especially handy for quickly putting away toys while laundry baskets in every bedroom help to keep dirty laundry off the floor

Clean as you go

Do not procrastinate after eating place the dishes in the washer rather than in the sink. Before a shower put dirty clothes in the laundry basket rather than on the floor. Clean and tidy as you go so that you do not get overwhelmed

Schedule time for thorough cleaning

 Just like you may schedule a facial, identify a dedicated time to do the bigger stuff like changing sheets and linen, doing weekly laundry, etc. You may do this in one day OR you may choose to do one big chore every day.

Discuss and agree on how to split chores

Chores can be pretty boring to do and maybe overwhelming if one person in the house is the only one doing them. Hold a family meeting, list down all chores and split the chores to each family member. Obviously some chores may be more complex and you might need to take up a little more but its a lot easier if they are shared. Develop a timetable and try as much as possible to schedule chore time at the same time for everybody to ensure that there’s a smooth flow.

Do you have any favorite family organizing hacks you’d like to share? Comment below!

source: quora – edited for content and readability

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